Industrial LED Lighting

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Renowned for innovation in the field of industrial LED lights, REEL TECH have developed a compact 200W LED Energy Saving Highbay to complement our range of high level maintenance equipment. This Eco-Friendly device can save up to 50% compared with a 400W metal halide highbay, and because it contains no mercury or other harmful gases it will be far less damaging to the environment at end of life recycling. The addition of twin cooling fans also prevent the luminaire overheating and will considerably extend the lifespan of the LEDs and Driver. The RT200LED has an array of 180 x 1.1W LEDs which has greater benefits and less detrimental effect over a single source 200W LED.

Remote control and ten stage dimming allows the user to control light levels at the touch of a button - between 20W and 200W. The remote control handset provides comprehensive feedback, monitoring temperature, usage and notifying you in the event of any potential malfunction. Our compact yet robust design ensures that the RT200LED is ideal for most commercial, industrial, retail and transport applications and its faceted diffuser ensures increased light distribution. This highbay also benefits from operating temperatures between -15°C to +60°C, reinforcing its position as one of the most versatile industrial LED lights and suitable for a wide range of environments and installations.

  • Up to 80% Energy saving
  • 180 lamp LED array
  • 10 stage dimming
  • Remote control facility
  • Twin cooling fans
  • Cast aluminium construction
  • Optional motion sensor
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate cover
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CSI - 200LED

For installations where industrial LED lights need to be located at height we offer the CSI-200LED. This unit has all the features of the RT200 but with the added benefit of an integrated lowering device to bring the luminaire to the ground for cleaning and removal of any build-up of debris, and in the unlikely event that the driver, cooling fans or LED array board need attention. The lift can carry loads of up to 12kg and lower the luminaire up to 15m. When in the “docked” position all tension is taken off the stainless steel suspension cable by a unique locking mechanism. The lowering distance can be set via a remote control multi-function handset and a failsafe ensures that once tension is taken off the suspension cable the lift stops. The electrical supply to the luminaire is cut during lowering and raising.

  • Reduce risk and danger
  • Reduce disruption
  • Lower the luminaire safely to the ground
  • Capacity 12kg / 15m
  • Remote control multi-function handset
  • Control up to 1000 luminaires per group
  • Optional hard wire control
  • Pre-wired
  • Safety locking mechanism
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