CCTV Columns

CCTV Columns without the need for platforms

Whether you have an internal or external surveillance system it's likely that part of your network includes CCTV columns - and accessing your cameras can be a task that's put off until absolutely necessary. We offer a cost-effective alternative to working at height - with cam lifts that have been specifically designed to give you access to the cameras on your CCTV columns without the need for platforms, scaffold or other equipment. All you need to clean, maintain or upgrade your cameras is the touch of a button on a remote control and your camera can be lowered up to 15metres for easy access.

Capable of supporting single or dual cameras as well as external domes, each camera lift will handle loads up to 15kg, and our innovative locking mechanism means there is no tension on the lifting cable once the camera is raised to final position. Once locked your camera is secure and won't be released, even in the event of power-loss, ensuring that only your authorised operators are able to lower the camera for added security.

All REEL TECH lifts are constructed to the highest standards, meeting IP 54 criteria for extended lifespans in a range of environments. We offer solid two year guarantees on all our lifts and are confident they'll be providing easy access to your CCTV columns for many years to come. For more information contact us today and one of our specialists will be happy to discuss any installation with you.

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