REEL TECH innovates, designs and manufactures maintenance solutions for:

  • Lighting
  • CCTV
  • Fire
  • Audio Visual
  • Banner
  • Advertising material
  • Decorative displays

With this innovative technology, REEL TECH is able to offer a world first a range of remote-controlled lifting systems. This range offers new possibilities in terms of safety, cost-effectiveness and simplicity.

In order to establish itself as a developer and producer in this competitive market, REEL TECH set itself two fundamental challenges to become the world's leading manufacturer of these lifting systems.

The foremost of these is to manufacture products of the highest quality. Combine this with peace of mind for our customers, achieved through our commitment to ceaseless research and further development of new technologies in these areas.

With the help of REEL TECH Luminaires, CCTV, Fire and Audio Visual systems of almost any kind can be lowered and raised from ground level in complete safety at the touch of a button.

Clean, service, re-lamp, carry out maintenance and maintain lux levels using the REEL TECH lift system when it is convenient for you.

Replace seasonal banners or promotional advertising material as the need arises.

Operate the lifts or lights individually or in groups and set the lowering distance at ground level.