10 Good Reasons To Use REEL TECH lighting lifts

Posted on the 18th of May 2015

10 Good Reasons to Use REEL TECH Lighting Lifts


1 | Easy access

For cleaning, maintenance or servicing of lighting, CCTV,

advertising and deployable power systems

In large atriums, escalators, warehouses or road traffic junctions;

This will save you the use of a lift or a scaffold!


REEL TECH reduces the use of time and materials to a minimum!


2 | Undisturbed servicing processes

You don’t have to worry about stopping conveyor

Belts, automated factories or blocking off roads


REEL TECH ensures trouble-free servicing process !


3 | Floor protection

Elegant Hotel and halls are often designed with floors made

of wood, glass, carpet or marble.

The use of a ladder, scaffold or a platform lift is

often associated with damage to the expensive floor,


REEL TECH prolongs the life of your expensive and fragile floors!


4 | Uninterrupted customer interaction

In areas with important customer traffic

(Hotels, Railway Stations, Airports, Traffic junctions etc.)

the use of a ladder, scaffold or platform lifts is usually

a time-consuming, Costly and inhibiting process

which restricts customer interaction.

The cost and effort to plan these outages accordingly are considerable as well.


REEL TECH offers an excellent service solution to leave the customers undisturbed!


More than 15,000 lifts are in use across Europe to save money, resources and time.


Railways (ÖBB, DB, CR, NR) – Shopping Malls (Zürich, München, Stockholm, Helsinki, Warschau, Krems Westfield)

Furniture Stores (Ikea, Kika,) – Breweries (Carlsberg, Guinness, Forst) – Exhibition Companies (Hannover –

Basel) –

Dairies – (Arla) Research Center Cern – Universities (Luxembourg, Lübeck, Köln, Düsseldorf, München, Essen,

Frankfurt, Bochum) – Schools, Airports (Helsinki, London Heathrow) – Government buildings (Bern) – Hotels,

churches, …

5 | Multiple uses

REEL TECH offers alternative uses such as the

power zoom, for remote power distribution

RotorBanner™ rotational banner systems

Advertising banners can be exchanged

at frequent intervals and it becomes

easier to lease them out more effectively.


REEL TECH supports a multitude of applications.


6 | Safety and Certification

Quality and product safety are guaranteed by

TÜV-certification and the European CE mark!

The devices provide patented features such as a

safety stop, auto-stop, reliable contact electricity

transmission and many others. This guarantees an

absolutely maintenance-free operation!

Also, the risk of accidents in the handling of ladders

or scaffolds and power related injuries is negated;

and it creates a convenient maintenance method via

remote control on the ground-level.


REEL TECH, a certified solution to guarantee safety!


7 | Operating hours counter

With the continual use of LED lights, the associated extension

of operating hours and investment capital lead

to an increase in the guarantee discussions between

users and their lighting supplier. REEL TECH

is able to reliably report the working hours of your

lighting fixtures to the remote control.


REEL TECH is your reliable, independent status supplier for your lighting solution!


8 | Warranty & maintenance free

The units are completely maintenance free and

are not subject to regular audit requirements! The

product life is set to an expected 25 years! Flexible warranty

models give you additional security!


REEL TECH, just there when you need it!


9 | Cost-saving

REEL TECH products will save costs of lifting platforms,

technical personnel, scaffolding, transportation

and insurance. In addition, overtime and night surcharges

for related operations are reduced as well.

In addition, the energy-saving use is supported by

the fast and easy operation of the remote control features!


REEL TECH assists in lowering your costs and making them calculable!


10 | Model diversity

A range offers more than 60 models with a carrying

capacity of 5 kg to 500 kg, RotorBanner™ for advertising

and a deployable power distribution solution from the



REEL TECH fulfils your wishes and capacity needs!


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