CCTV Towers


Whether you have an established CCTV surveillance system or are looking at a new installation - our lifts will give you access to cameras mounted on CCTV towers at the touch of a button. No need for access equipment or working at height compliance - our cam lifts will bring the camera down to ground level from a height of up to 15 metres. Capable of single or twin camera support, each lift is capable of handling loads up to 15kg, and once the camera is lifted to final position it is held in place by our secure locking mechanism.

Once locked in position the tension is relieved from the lowering cable and the camera won't release if power is lost, and as all our cam lifts are constructed to IP 54 standards you're assured resilience and longevity from our lifts. With a twenty-five year life expectancy and a robust two year guarantee on all REEL TECH camera lifts, you can expect considerable savings in both time and man-hours over the lifespan of any lift installed on your CCTV towers, reducing the disruption and cost of deploying access equipment for cleaning, maintenance or system upgrades.

As working at height requires more time and resources, accessing the cameras on your CCTV towers can be done a lot faster with a lost less disruption - just contact REEL TECH today and talk to one of our cam lift specialists, we'll be happy to discuss your individual requirements and installation needs.

Maintenance Free

2 year guarantee

25 year life expectancy

Full UK and EU support

No more scaffold towers and
      access equipment required

Minimum risk

Automatic stop function

Energy saving

Minimise disruption

Remote control function