Installation Example

Attach lift to an eyebolt (not supplied) with the shackle.

Using the supplied shackle, secure luminaire to the lift and connect to the electrical supply. (Depending on local regulations a secondary safety fixing point may be required).

Connect the lift to the power supply (see right).

RCU: Power on. Enter lift number (for example,1), and press the DOWN button to descend.

N.B. The lift must be fixed with suitable fixings (not supplied) to a mechanically safe and sound surface capable of withstanding the combined load of the luminaire and the lift. If in doubt consult a professional structural engineer.

Control Switch

Only use a spring return retractive switch (dead-man's switch!)

  • When operating with a switch the operator must always maintain visual contact with the lift and the luminaire during operation.
  • Electrical signal: black to red = RAISE, black to white = LOWER

The remote control unit (RCU) must be switched off before and after operation in order to prevent accidental use. When using the RCU, eye contact with the appliance must be maintained.

The lift must have a load of at least 40% of its lifting capacity attached before lowering or raising.

Setting and saving the lowering length with the remote control: In the desired position, press and hold the stop button until you hear a confirmation signal.

Maintenance Free

2 year guarantee

25 year life expectancy

Full UK and EU support

No more scaffold towers and
      access equipment required

Minimum risk

Automatic stop function

Energy saving

Minimise disruption

Remote control function