10 Good Reasons To Use REEL TECH lighting lifts

Posted on the 18th of May 2015

10 Good Reasons to Use REEL TECH Lighting Lifts   1 | Easy access For cleaning, maintenance or servicing of lighting, CCTV, advertising and deployable power systems In large atriums, escalators, warehouses or road traffic junctions; This will save you the use of a lift or a scaffold!   REEL TECH reduces the use of […]

CFL or LED Independent Comparison

Posted on the 30st of Mar 2015

Low Temperatures : LEDs themselves produce almost no heat, converting most of the electricity into light. CFL while producing less heat than a traditional lamp, still emit a large amount of heat. However larger heat sinks on LED controls are required to dissipate the temperatures from electronic components. Mercury : Compact fluorescents contain mercury – […]

What is a winch and how do they work

Posted on the 05 of Nov 2014

  Winches are mechanical, sometimes electrically operated devices that are used to wind in or out or adjust the tension of rope, wire or cable. A simple form would consist of a spool and an attached crank handle, in larger forms winches can be seen to be used in elevators, tow trucks to chandelier hoists […]

The difference between pop-up and banner stands

Posted on the 26th of Oct 2014

If you’re new to exhibitions, you may need to get used to some jargon. This comes with the territory. Indeed, many of us will struggle with what ‘shell schemes’ are – a basic exhibition stand space. What ‘trackers’ are – machines that scan and print visitor labels, not to mention what ‘floods’ are – a […]

Panasonic PEW a annoncé formellement de mettre fin à la Luxlift

Posted on the 22rd of Oct 2014

Panasonic PEW a annoncé officiellement d’arrêter la marque de Luxlift et produits de retour en Septembre 2010, tout en continuant à soutenir les projets existants jusqu’à Mars 2011 REEL TECH Royaume-Uni saisi l’occasion de soutenir les clients et les clients existants avec leurs exigences de Luxlift, REEL TECH fois au Royaume-Uni et à travers l’Europe […]

REEL TECH USA – Find your Partner

Posted on the 22rd of Oct 2014

  Simply contact us on to be put in touch with your dedicated team member A friendly member our team will take your details and requirements so when you are contacted by your local agent they have the information ready to assist you further, not only will this save time it will help us to provide […]

Six Reasons to Purchase LED Emergency Lighting

Posted on the 18th of Oct 2014

Choosing the right emergency lights is imperative. Consider the emergency sign, without clear illumination, how is anyone going to be able to see where to go in the event of an emergency? LEDs (or light emitting diodes) are a safer, more economical and higher performance LEDs are the right emergency lighting option for all premises, […]

Why LED Lighting is Paramount for CCTV Systems

Posted on the 10th of Oct 2014

CCTV systems are one of the most effective criminal deterrents that the police have at their disposal. The very presence of cameras is enough to stop criminal acts being committed. The very first CCTV camera was installed in a London train station in 1961. By 1996, every major city in England had employed the use […]

Why Mood Lighting is Imperative

Posted on the 01 of Oct 2014

Setting the right mood in any room is paramount. Creating a welcoming and comfortable environment can make all the difference to any room. Whether entertaining or relaxing, the right lighting is essential. Bright lighting is the right option for entertaining or daily activities, whereas when you want the mood to be intimate or quiet, low […]

The Three Advantages of Using an Occupancy Sensor Control

Posted on the 24th of Sep 2014

Traditionally speaking, interior design lighting has been somewhat limited. With a simple on-off switch and single intensity, the lighting limitations have been observed. There are a number of drawbacks to employing the use of a single light switch. From increased expenditure to insufficient energy efficiency, not to mention a single luminosity, such lighting solutions offer […]